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Hi, We're Robert & Jenn...

Let me tell you a quick story about Jenn and me... Like most people we constantly battled to keep extra weight off our entire lives. Together, we tried everything from fad diets, fasting, extreme exercise routines etc. 😫

The problem is as we entered our early 40's what "sort of worked" before suddenly became increasingly HARDER! The results were simply NOT THERE ANYMORE!

We were attempting to 'drop some pounds' (yet again) in preparation for Jenn's upcoming 25th High School Reunion 🎓 It was then that I started to notice both Jenn and I struggled with the same issues.
One thing we both had in common was restless nights of sleep. Once Jenn started going through menopause she'd either be a human furnace 🥵 or freezing cold ice cube. 🥶

At night she would toss and turn. First, in the covers, then out of the covers and then back in again!!!...this went on
ALL NIGHT LONG! As a result 'No Sleep For Me Either.' 😒

Another thing we had in common was the the love of beer, wine and food. 

Unfortunately when I say food I mean the kind of food that wasn't exactly healthy. Our cravings were suddenly out of control! Especially late at night!  
During some restless nights, I'd wake up to find Jenn raiding the fridge for a midnight snack, but truth be told, other nights she'd be catching me.🤦‍♂️

Oh and forget about exercise! We just couldn't get motivated enough to work out consistently. On the days we did have some drive, we simply DIDN'T HAVE THE ENERGY!

The feeling of desperation turned into frustration as It SEEMED EVERYTHING WE TRIED DIDN'T WORK FOR EITHER OF US!

Jenn really wanted to go to her reunion, but was also dreading it. She was anxious of what her old friends and classmates would think about her weight gain. 😔

We both knew neither one of us was looking our best. However, we simply didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to reconnect with our classmates. 

So, after continuous convincing on my part, I got Jenn to go. 
While we were there, we ran into Jenn's old friend, Lisa, who looked great! Jenn, though uncomfortable, 😑couldn't help but ask Lisa how she managed such a dramatic transformation because Lisa also had the same issues throughout her own life. 

Lisa told us about how she learned about John Barban's After Dinner Ritual. She told us that John is a recognized leading expert who holds a long list of prestigious degrees in human biology, nutrition, and exercise physiology, and taught Human Performance for several years at the acclaimed University of Florida. 
One of the main things Lisa learned from John, was to make a simple change to her after dinner routine. 🍽️ Soon after learning about this, Jenn started doing her own research and decided to make the same simple change.

All I can say is WOW! 🤩🤩🤩When I began to see the changes in Jenn, I wanted to know everything about what she'd been doing and how she had accomplished these amazing results so I could make the same simple change to my routine as well!

Every new day that goes by I am grateful that we were introduced to John Barban's incredibly simple 'after dinner ritual'...💫 Because it simply changed our lives!
After years of failed attempts and feeling hopeless, this simple after dinner ritual, not only helped us sleep soundly through the night but we would wake up more refreshed and feeling lighter. The extra weight seemed to just vanish overnight!  

If someone had told me it could be this easy I would have not thought it was possible!!! BUT IT IS! Both Jenn and I are proof! 

It made me realize that everything I thought I knew about weight loss, metabolism, aging, and the human body was just not accurate!
John made us realize that the extra weight excessive pounds, lack of energy, and sleepless nights had nothing to do with:

Depriving Ourselves Of Certain Food Types
Body Type or DNA
How Many Carbs or Grams Of Sugar we Consume

How Hard or How Long We Work Out
How Is This Possible?!... 🤨
I asked myself the same thing! How?! Don't worry, John's going to provide you with a thoroughly detailed explanation into the root cause of all these things and how this simple 'After Dinner Ritual' attacks the problem. 👇👇👇
Ever Since Starting The 'After Dinner Ritual' We Can..
Feel Energized and Full of Life
Spend Our Time Doing More Of What We Love Instead Of Hours On End On The Treadmill (Hamster Wheel) 
Feel Better About Ourselves
Get a Goodnight's Rest and Wake Up Energized
Get Quality Deep Sleep ( No More Tossing and Turning or Snoring) 
We No Longer Feel Uncontrollable Hunger and Cravings
And Our Bodies Feel Lighter Not Bloated and Swollen
  • Eat our Favorite Foods
  • ​Feel Energized and Full of Life
  • ​Spend Our Time Doing More Of What We Love Instead Of Hours On End On The Treadmill (Hamster Wheel) 
  • ​Feel Better About Ourselves
  • ​Get a Goodnight's Rest and Wake Up Energized
  • ​Get Quality Deep Sleep ( No More Tossing and Turning or Snoring) 
  • ​We No Longer Feel Uncontrollable Hunger and Cravings
  • ​And Our Bodies Feel Lighter Not Bloated and Swollen
We simply could not be happier! 🤗 As we both feel we are better equipped to 

Everyday we look back and are truly so thankful for John's methods. That's why we're so passionate about sharing this life-changing simple routine...so you too can start your own amazing transformation today! 😍

If you haven't already, click below 👇 or scroll up ☝️ and take the quiz to see YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED RESULTS for this life-changing 'After Dinner Ritual' that truly changed our lives! 
Robert & Jenn
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